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Stained Teeth Treatment


Luckily, patients with stained teeth - even those that are severely discolored - can be treated successfully. Cosmetic dentistry affords these patients the opportunity to have the beautiful, natural smiles they desire with minimum of time, discomfort and cost. Treatment of stained teeth depends on both the cause and the degree of discoloration. Each treatment alternative has advantages. There are five ways to treat stained teeth.


Scaling & Polishing


The simplest method of stain removal, eliminates many food stains, the majority of which can be attributed to coffee or tea. However, excessive staining from beverages or tobacco products may require more aggressive treatment.


Cosmetic Dentistry


A bright smile can undoubtedly be the most eye-catching feature of your face The most disarming feature of an individual’s personality is the quality of his/her beautiful, free flowing smile. If one has discoloured, chipped or missing teeth, one may be reluctant to show a gummy smile with parted lips lest it is unattractive; or they may resort to covering their mouth with their hand whenever laughter cannot be avoided.

A cosmetic dentist can give you the attractive face and the beautiful smile you have ever dreamed.

Appreciative expressions on the faces of people you often meet or otherwise, works as mirror that how even a subtle change can make a big difference in the way you look and feel. You use your teeth every time you smile, laugh, kiss, speak, chew and in every professional and social situation.

The modern techniques of smile enhancement are in the easy domain of Cosmetic Dentistry, gaining the confidence and self-esteem in the current times has become affordable.

There are techniques to deal with discoloured, chipped, gapped, crooked or missing teeth. New techniques of today like easy going bleaching or super-fast whitening, dental bonding for chipped or discoloured teeth, enamel shaping, veneers, life-like dental caps (crowns)/ bridges, white fillings, smile designing, dental implants and braces to create a beautiful smile with minimal changes to existing teeth. In severe cases, orthodontics treatment may be needed. This is a specialized branch of dentistry that corrects jaw and teeth misalignments. Contact us for further information and advice on substantially improving the look of your smile from our panel of experienced professionals in the Esthetic/Aesthetic/Cosmetic Dentistry.


Bleaching (Whitening)


Bleaching is one of the very popular procedures in cosmetic dentistry. Treatment begins when your dentist creates a custom made bleaching tray to ensure the correct amount of whitening a solution of 10-20 percent carbamide peroxide is used, and that your teeth are properly exposed. It is quite simple, cost-effective, permanent technique for obtaining a desired dazzling, whiter smile in office or at home in just a matter of days, without altering the shape and size of the teeth.




Bonding is best described as simply adding little tooth-colored composite materials matching the shade, translucency and texture of your teeth to "fill in the blanks." Front teeth are the most frequently used places where the most bonding technique is applied to fill in a gap in between. The spots, chips, and discolorations so eliminated, enhances the aesthetics of smile and your self-confidence. This is a virtually painless procedure and is mostly completed in one visit.